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messageyou™ is the clear leader in automated text-SMS Student Attendance Communication Solutions for schools.

Our solutions are proven to deliver reductions in unexcused absences and improve student attendance.
Student safety and welfare are also increased, communications with parents are improved, and significant savings and efficiencies are enjoyed by our schools.
We provide end-to-end automation of roll marking, student database reconciliation, parental absence notification and alerts for school administrators.

Our professional consulting and support services are the best available, guiding each school through individual planning and implementation processes, and then ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of the system.

Benefits of our solution include:

We implement our solutions carefully to reflect each school’s unique culture, context and circumstances.

The needs and requirements of students, parents, teachers, school leadership and pastoral care staff are embedded into the comprehensive parameter settings of our solutions to ensure the communication process always occurs in precisely the right manner.

Whatever the reasons schools have for implementing our systems, all our schools enjoy improvements in student welfare, student safety and administrative efficiency.

We have become the most trusted name in Automated Attendance Communication Solutions for Schools by delivering results and value through our tested and proven service approach


messageyou™Schools is the centrepiece of the messageyou™ solution. A vital part of attendance management and communication strategies, it integrates seamlessly with your student management database and automatically sends SMS text messages to to the parents of students who are late or absent without prior notification. It receives incoming texts and matches them to parent names, allowing for great efficiency increases when updating records.

Student safety is improved as parents are quickly made aware if their child has not arrived at school. Broadcast safety and courtesy messages to parents strengthen community relationships.

Our solutions also address the privacy and security issues that are paramount in communications involving children.

messageyou™WatchLists takes attendance management even further by monitoring your incoming and outgoing text communications and providing timely alerts if a student appears to be at risk.

Swift intervention with manageable numbers of students allows staff the greatest effectiveness in preventing emerging behaviour problems from becoming chronic, and tackling chronic problems immediately.


messageyou™ERM completes the attendance management cycle, offering automated bar code scanning of rolls and seamless integration with your student management database. The quality, security and reliability of the MGM experience is now available throughout your attendance management processes, without the need for duplicate databases.

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